An Clachan,  Leverburgh/An-t-Ob, Isle of Harris

Co-Chomunn na Hearadh

Free range local eggs
Stag Bakeries Seaweed Biscuits
Black Pudding
Loch Duart Salmon
Stornoway Kippers

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Treat yourself to a taste of the Hebrides



Free Range Eggs from the croft at Air an Lot


Stag Bakeries award-winning Stornoway Seaweed Biscuits

Finely balanced Hebridean Seaweed and sea salt add a unique taste of the Islands to these Stornoway Water Biscuits, Oatcakes and Shortbread.  The Water Biscuits won three gold stars and Top 50 status in the 2013 Great Taste Awards and more honours at the Speciality Food Fair


Fresh bread and bakery products from Maclean's Bakery

Try their authentic Hebridean Oatcakes 


Charley Barley's Famous Stornoway Black Pudding

Produced from a family recipe on the Isle of Lewis, Charles Macleod Stornoway black pudding is famous throughout the world as a ‘taste of the islands’. 


Loch Duart Smoked Salmon

From South Uist, this is hot-smoked flaky smoked salmon with a unique taste and texture


Highland Fine Cheeses: Crowdie

Crowdie is a Scottish cheese, often eaten with oatcakes, and recommended before a ceilidh as it is said to alleviate the effects of whisky-drinking. The texture is soft and crumbly, the taste slightly sour. Like cottage cheese it is very low in fat, being made from skimmed milk.


Barratlantic, Namara and Killin seafoods

A selection of fish products from Hebridean seas, presented in a variety of ways. Including langoustines, crab, haddock, and scampi, as available


Stornoway Kippers

Direct from one of the last traditional artisan fish smokers in Scotland, at the heart of the Hebrides herring industry

Delicious Hebridean specialities...