Household Goods & DIY

located in the upstairs shop – (access via stairs or chairlift)

Good selection of kitchenware and housewares.  All those litte things you meant to get last time. Replace old items today. Roasting dishes, jugs and bowls, oven gloves and aprons, and much more.

Dusters, brushes and dustsheets for those essential household jobs

For the home decorator, we have paint, brushes, rollers and cleaners. Do you need masking tape?

Motoring section includes oils, polish, buckets, sponges and chamois.

Bicycle accessories

Handy with a spanner? We have plumbing parts,  screws and fixings, and workwear to keep you tidy.

Always a good selection. Why wait?
Buy it now, fix it today!

Gardening & Pets

Get ready for the nice weather. Gardening tools and gloves are in the upstairs shop.

Compost and growbags

Bird feeders and seed

Bedding plants (in summer)

Pamper your pooch: you know they like it. Put up a bird feeder. Pet food supplies are downstairs in the main shop.


Reels, hooks, flies and more...